Sanguine Me

Pontificating life’s purpose, or the lack thereof, can be a demoralizing practice. No worldly endeavor appears to have eternal ramifications and no eternal endgame seems rewarding enough to offset the suffering required to get there. If you aren’t careful, it’s dangerously easy to fall prey to the pernicious idea that nothing is worth doing. It’s […]

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It’s Been done

When I was a kid I loved role playing video games, especially the open world kind where rare items littered the landscape and achievements were unlocked by doing just about anything. The sprawling checklists of things to do and buy and find kept me occupied for hundreds of hours and I would make up ridiculous […]

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Infinite Horror

Religions all over the globe imagine an eternal, peaceful existence that follows the one we inhabit now. In Christianity, this eternal resting place devoid of pain and loss is called heaven and millions of the Christian faith mold their everyday behavior to meet the entry qualifications to this domain. They refrain from lying, cheating, stealing, […]

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Purpose is My Purpose

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the purpose of life is and whether or not existence is supported by some underlying reasoning. It’s a thought stream with a current that cannot be escaped. Once the mind starts to ponder “why” something must be done, it doesn’t stop pondering. Everything that get’s you […]

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The Beautiful SSD1331

*Post contains graphic content xD Overview Adafruit Industries’ SSD1331 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is an incredible little RGB screen that has quickly become my favorite in the category. I originally ordered it from HiLetgo when I was working on a watch-like device and needed a small user interface with decent resolution. The screen measures […]

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The Dremel 3D20

Let’s get one thing straight: I love my Dremel 3D20 3D printer. My parents bought it for me last Christmas and I don’t think its stopped running since I plugged it in (kidding, I live in a studio apartment so taking time to ventilate my work space/bedroom is pretty important for my lung health). But […]

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