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Adding Interactivity to an Image in Flutter — Take 2 A while ago, I wrote an article on interacting with SVG images in Flutter. Interacting with SVG Images in Flutter | by Joseph Muller | Medium Although my steps worked, there were a bunch of limitations and downsides to the overall approach: It was complicated It was tedious […]

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Preview – Responsive Voice Recognition in Flutter

Overview The world is spinning faster today than it was only a few years ago. Companies are growing faster. Memes are going viral faster. Packages are being shipped faster. And because of all this, people have developed an expectation for responsiveness. So how can you, a mobile application developer, give them what they want? Voice […]

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Sharing Images on the @platform in Flutter

Recently, I published a long article on how to read, write, and respond to real-time changes using the @platform. I focused mainly on sending plain old text and number data since that’s the easiest to demo with, but what if you wanted to let people share images? The good news is it’s possible! Setup To […]

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The @platform: A Firebase Alternative

Firebase is awesome and I’ve used it in more apps than I can count (assuming I can only count to about 20). It has authentication, data storage, an intuitive querying SDK, and plenty of other features that most mobile app developers find themselves wanting at one point or another.  So why replace it? I asked […]

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